Hopewell Properties


You will love our charges. Mainly because there’s so few of them!

Not only do Hopewell properties charge some of the lowest agency fees around we pride ourselves on being transparent, straight talking and open minded with our tenants.
We aren't in the business of ripping tenants off so we have set out below what we do and mainly what we don't charge for.

Agency Fees.

For professional tenants we charge £210 including VAT per person.

For students we charge £264 including VAT per person. This includes referencing your guarantors.

Unlike other agencies that’s it!

We do not charge for re marketing your property (if your landlord decides to allow you to leave early) We do not charge for renewals or extensions to your contract.
We do not charge for your inventory or your check outs! Nor do we charge for future references.

That's what you wanted to hear.